Readings – On The Ground Running

From Adobe Design Center’s Think Tank, May 2007

I will be reading and analysing the information and interpreting it as I see fit.

  • Products where originally physical and discrete.
    • was just a form of an object

These products can’t just ‘be’ anymore. They have to instead become and entity in someone’s life.

  • The connection of someone and their iPod was give from the object and iTunes.
    •  It was fun to use

The reason for it being fun to use was the fact that the menus and tactile controls where easy to navigate by anyone that came across the device.


  • things should always be designed with reference to their “next larger context.”

Every design has to come with some sort of context. The next larger context has never really been considered.

  • Ensuring that all phases and aspects of someone’s interaction with a product/service ecology align with the desired vision requires that something little short of total control be asserted over their choices. 

Total control over a persons actions would eliminate the one aspect of design which is giving people the freedom to do what they want easily. making a task not feel like a task.

  • One’s first few runs with Nike+ are smooth and pleasurable, replete with the kind of “thoughtful” touches that generally get lauded as good experience design – Lance Armstrong congratulating you every time your run time exceeds the previous personal best, and so on. 

The interactive design of Nike+ gives the user a sense of engagement with the product. It helps them to achieve their personnel best.

  • Constraints to the user
    • selection of shoes
      • you can fix this by “hacking” the product
    • only some apple products support this
    • only 2 voices to motivate you
    • people walking wont benefit as much
    • support for the product will be reduced

These design flaws could have been fixed. – Why not?


  • experience design’s Achilles heel is that contemporary American customer service standards are nowhere near the level of refinement routinely achieved by product and interactive designers.

They have to achieve a better standard so that people realise that they are being cheated.

  • The train lacked an appealing experience.

no one wants to travel with it.


from what I have gathered in the article, design is a complex and ever changing beast. there is no way to grasp the top entirely. you have to change with the times and for the situation. keeping a broad mind and making sure that your design effects people in a positive manor. cause in the end design was created to make peoples lives easier.




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